Machine Learning A-Z with Python

AI Mafia : Master Machine Learning in 5 weeks with 6 Cool Projects
Online batch starting on 21st October

Master Machine Learning in just 5 weeks with 6 Cool Projects

Course Contents

All Sessions :5 weeks
  • Aim : 6 Projects
      Air Quality Prediction (Linear Regression)
      Diabetes Classification (Logistic Regression)
      Face Recognition (KNN)
      Dominant Color Extraction (K Means Clustering)
      Recommendation System (NLP)
      Word Analogies (Word2Vec)
  • Lecture 1 :Learning Python Basics
      Python Fundamentals (Variables, Data Types, Operators, Conditions, Loops)
      Python Functions and Data Structures (Lists, Tuples, Sets, Strings, Dictionary)
      Python Libraries (Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib)
  • Lecture 2 : Machine learning Introduction
      What is Machine Learning
      Why Machine Learning
      Set up and Installation
  • Lecture 3 : Regression Techniques
      Linear Regression, Gradient Descent, Multivariate Regression
      Project : Air Quality Prediction, Predicting Air Quality using Multivariate L Regression.
  • Lecture 4 : Logistic Regression
      Likelihood Estimation and Loss
      Project : Diabetes Classification, Use Logistic Regression to classify diabetes patients.
  • Lecture 5 : KNN
      Implementing Nearest Neighbours Algorithm
      Project : Face Recognition, Learn to process Live Webcam stream & detect faces using OpenCV and Machine Learning.
  • Lecture 6 : KMeans Clustering
      Implementing Clustering Algorithm (Pizza Shop)
      Project : Dominant Color Extraction, Repaint an image using K-Means Clustering.
  • Lecture 7 : Natural Language Feature Engineering
      NLTK, Stop word Removal, Stemming, Bag of Words, TF-IDF
      Project : Text Based Recommendation System on Amazon Real Data
  • Lecture 8 : Word Embeddings
      Word2Vec Model
      Word Analogies, Learn to implement Word2Vec and learn interesting analogies in an unsupervised manner.
  • Lecture 9 : Neural Networks and Wrapping up
      Neural Nets and MLP
      What Next?
Ask doubts  on live session or via daily discussion on batch whatsapp group can be done with team  anytime. Additional recorded sessions will be provided for practice too along with live sessions.

Course Schedule

Online Live Sessions + Recorded Sessions + Assignments
Online Live Sessions Start Date End Date Day & Time
Each Session : 90 mins 21st October5 weeksSat & Sun ( 8:30 to 10pm )

Additional recorded sessions will be provided for practice too along with live sessions. Each session will be live so that you can ask doubts and same session will be available as recorded stream till course. Ask doubts on live session and daily discussion can be done with team on batch group.

Instructor and Teaching Assistants

Machine Learning A-Z with Python

About the Instructor

Rishabh Jain


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Rishabh has a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from DTU. He is a code enthusiast with previous experience at @ Directi for 3.5 years. He has been in into tech industry for 6 years. Rishabh has been working on his own ventures in AdTech, Media and Education Industry. He loves to Mentor people.

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3-5 hours/week

Course Duration

5 weeks

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Actually Its like a family. Its a club for coders where we from different colleges meet discuss on problems.Its like a place where we can come, discuss and enjoy.There are great Alumni's to guide us all through.The classes being conducted by the alumni are definitely awesome for boosting our CV.

Pranav Malik, DTU

Coding club is a great community which provides interface with some brilliant minds. It provides us with resources and guidance regarding your interests and motivates you to take up new challenges everyday.

Mukan Sakyavar, IGDTUW

Coding club is a awesome place for explorers and learners. Personally I have seen whenever I go to Coding club I ended by discussing a awesome coding question asked in Campanies like Directi,Paytm etc. So that's what I love about it. We solve challenging questions there. I got to know new approach to challenging questions given by people who are Ex-Directi,Paytm etc

Jatin Bindra, MSIT

It is a great community built for great coders. I wish I'd come here earlier. This is by far the best decision I've made. It gave me the platform to learn so much, to meet new people, and most importantly to develop the approach one needs while coding. The healthy environment here is the best I've seen. Happy to be with like minded people.

Abhishek Gupta, MAIT

Good institute,Concepts were taught the best way possible and Rishabh bhaiya is a great mentor.

Aman Jain, BVCOE

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